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Project Update - Recyclery

An update on our first funded project

A Letter From Lisa
Hey! I just wanted to give you a quick update on the ReCyclery before everyone heads their separate ways for the summer. 
The Clemson ReCyclery finished this semester by giving out the first ever abandoned bikes to be adopted at Clemson! The adoption included a 45min educational session with discussion, bike safety, basic maintenance and repair, and a fun test ride. Many of the new owners were dependent on friends to get rides out the shop, but left independent and proud, riding away on their new bikes! It was a beautiful thing :)
Over these last few months we've...
- Gotten permission to give out abandoned bikes (from risk management, Clemson procurement/the State of South Carolina, Clemson student affairs, AND Parking &Transportation Services)
- Had several big, fun group rides on trails and roads together
- Talked about bikes over dinner at Super Taco every month
- Watched a handful of sometimes good, sometimes terrible bike movies
Taught and learned a whole lot about bike maintenance while fixing people's bikes
- Become a recognized student organization ("Clemson ReCyclery").
- Created a facebook group for Clemson's growing bike community: Clemson ReCyclery (and other folks for biking)
- Held on-campus free bike repair sessions
- Received the first ever Clemson student-funded grant from the Student Sustainability Initiative
- Had our first bike adoption!!! (See picture attached)
- Established a great foundation of supporters, leaders, and plans for the future!
We couldn't have gotten to this point without the support of the SSI and the students of Clemson! Thank you for believing in this project.
- Lisa
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