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Project #1 - Clemson Recyclery

The first funded project. A project by Lisa Watkins to encourage cycling on Clemson's campus.

Project Details
Bicycles left on Clemson University's campus at the end of each school year are moved to the university's salvage yard where they most often remain until they are no longer suitable to ride and then disposed of. The Clemson Recyclery was established to repair these bicycles and return them to a condition where they may be enjoyed once again and kept out of landfills.
The Recyclery aims to restore bicycles from a state of neglect and then sell them at an affordable price to members of the Clemson community. It also works to educate and empower students to make repairs on their own bicycles and bring together people passionate about cycling in Clemson.
Amount Funded
About the Student
Lisa Watkins is a Senior Environmental Engineer. She is the vice chair of the Undergraduate Student Government Sustainability Committee and a member of SEA.  
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